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    The Hard Life of Mama Junmyeon - The Lost Messages

    In which Yifan finally realizes Junmyeon’s true worth.

    I thought this was an actual couple oh my gosh so much YESS

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    Shades of Amber- September 2013/ Photography by: Kurt Iswarienko

    Cover Star Amber Heard in The Row blouse; A.L.C. skirt; Salvatore Ferragamo belt; Vhernier rings.

    Amber Heard drives a muscle car, dates Johnny Depp and knows how to shoot a gun. The multi-talented actress reveals her childhood wanderlust, favourite authors and savvy media evasion tactics.

  3. Song: Kioku

    Band Name: See-Saw

    Album: .hack//Liminality

    Members: Chiaki Ishikawa, Yuki Kajiura

    Hails From: Tokyo, Japan

    Released: June 2002

    Lately, I’ve had this opera- like music obsession. If it has an epic tone with folklore-opera like sound, I’ll eat up. Problem is, I can’t find enough good ones to satisfy me. Within Temptation started it. Kalafina made me a snob. Now, I am so up on my high horse that Theatres Des Vampire tracks have started gathering dust on my Mp3 player. This is the same band whose album I played nearly every day. But that was two years ago…before I listen to See-Saw’s “Obsession” on .hack//. It was poppy and probably one of the most well known, though not epic. I am the type that chases a good sound once I find it. “Kioku” is the second song I streamed and after one minute in, I had to have it. Now it plays like a top  100 radio station tat only knows one song.


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    My heart wants to come home (by Anila ♡)

    At first I wasn’t going to post this, but after running into this photo, I changed my mind. Personally, I am not crazy over plaid or patterns, though I like them. Sheers don’t have a home in my closet period; more appearance than preference decision. I always envision that staple image of a beautiful woman walking along the beach at low tide with a fluttering sheer dress. Call me closed minded but sheer bottoms on the street has never occurred to me. After all, you probably can’t walk into your 9 to 5 job wearing this no matter how strict and straight lace your other pieces are. My opinion: Prove me wrong. But there is always Fridays, the Weekends, and nights. Summer isn’t over yet.

    Red Patterned Cover-up Dress- 19.99 to Buy it Now