The Crimson Graden
  1. flarefashion:

    Shades of Amber- September 2013/ Photography by: Kurt Iswarienko

    Cover Star Amber Heard in The Row blouse; A.L.C. skirt; Salvatore Ferragamo belt; Vhernier rings.

    Amber Heard drives a muscle car, dates Johnny Depp and knows how to shoot a gun. The multi-talented actress reveals her childhood wanderlust, favourite authors and savvy media evasion tactics.

  2. Song: Kioku

    Band Name: See-Saw

    Album: .hack//Liminality

    Members: Chiaki Ishikawa, Yuki Kajiura

    Hails From: Tokyo, Japan

    Released: June 2002

    Lately, I’ve had this opera- like music obsession. If it has an epic tone with folklore-opera like sound, I’ll eat up. Problem is, I can’t find enough good ones to satisfy me. Within Temptation started it. Kalafina made me a snob. Now, I am so up on my high horse that Theatres Des Vampire tracks have started gathering dust on my Mp3 player. This is the same band whose album I played nearly every day. But that was two years ago…before I listen to See-Saw’s “Obsession” on .hack//. It was poppy and probably one of the most well known, though not epic. I am the type that chases a good sound once I find it. “Kioku” is the second song I streamed and after one minute in, I had to have it. Now it plays like a top  100 radio station tat only knows one song.


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    Add some punk to your outfit.Taking that traditionally cute hair bow and giving a different impression, this accessory is sure to please. So keep the skin tight leggings & saggy graphic top, but don’t forget the hair!

  3. lookbookdotnu:

    My heart wants to come home (by Anila ♡)

    At first I wasn’t going to post this, but after running into this photo, I changed my mind. Personally, I am not crazy over plaid or patterns, though I like them. Sheers don’t have a home in my closet period; more appearance than preference decision. I always envision that staple image of a beautiful woman walking along the beach at low tide with a fluttering sheer dress. Call me closed minded but sheer bottoms on the street has never occurred to me. After all, you probably can’t walk into your 9 to 5 job wearing this no matter how strict and straight lace your other pieces are. My opinion: Prove me wrong. But there is always Fridays, the Weekends, and nights. Summer isn’t over yet.

    Red Patterned Cover-up Dress- 19.99 to Buy it Now

    Spikes embroiled on a vivid headband will make may not be for workplace, but it’ll certainly spice up any preppy look or conservative outfit.

    Suddenly that pale floral dress and plain white top don’t look so ordinary.

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